The Dream may seem Impossible, yet there is God…

Seventeen years ago this month, I was in New York City at the General Theological Seminary for a focused retreat. It was February and there was lots of snow. I was 43, and the Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. I went up to the city and General Seminary to listen for God and discern God’s direction for my ministry and that of the cathedral’s. For me, going to my seminary in the heart of Chelsea, is an organic experience of the roots of my priesthood. After covid, it will be amongst my first journeys.

One of those evenings, I was fortunate to snag a single orchestra ticket for “Man of La Mancha,” playing at the Martin Beck Theater. Brian Stokes Mitchell starred as Don Quiote. Sitting just several rows from the stage, it was a deeply spiritual experience that culminated in the moment of “The Impossible Dream.”

“To dream the impossible dream…

This is my quest, to follow that star

No matter how hopeless,

No matter how far

To fight for the right

Without question or pause

To be willing to march into hell

For a heavenly cause…” And, as those words were sung, my eyes teared up as it poignantly defined my spiritual journey.

You see, not unlike the present day now at age 60, (how can that be?), I have always sought God’s will for my life and ministry. This has been a restless seeking and waiting. And, my ministry has not always been well received, indeed it has even been attacked, but it has always been to the best of my ability of God.

Where do you find yourself today? This time of pandemic has been enormously challenging as you search for both meaning and direction in your life. Yet, do not give up as God is always just an arm’s length away, nudging you forward to the call and place that God intends. The dream may not be realized, perhaps even impossible, however God’s presence, love and direction are always before you…

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